people can be so petty 9___9

Hey it happens. Their loss.

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Dude thats bull shit. You’re allowed to ship whatever the f*ck you want.

Yeah, I get not wanting to follow someone who doesn’t share your ships but it’s not like I make a habit out of spewing hatred for Rinharu or anything.

Then I would understand.

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Q: Eh. I love Sosuke & Rinharu is aight but you do your thing. I like your blog too much to unfollow just because you have a different opinion than myself. Of course, people are free to unfollow someone for whatever reason they want but it's funny that they'll bounce for something as silly as another person's opinion. I dunno. Hope your day is going well btw!

Yeah, I mean it’s not like I’m saying I hate the PEOPLE WHO LIKE THE PAIRING. That’s dumb. I won’t hate someone for liking a pairing, it’s beyond petty.

I’m very happy you like my blog enough to still follow it even if I have different opinions! 

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Q: KoujakuXNoiz or KoujakuXAoba?



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I think I just lost some followers because I don’t like Rinharu or Sousuke.

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