Crunchyroll voted midousuji meaner than gendo ikari. can we fucking talk about this. a child on a bike is meaner than gendo ikari.

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Q: Hello! Im new to the dmmd fandom, how does one cope with this fandom. O w o?

Long and short answer:

You don’t.

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I find these hilarious! XDD

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Q: Hey there, just wanted to let you know the link to your messages and your MY ART tags are broken. I had to manually type in your url with /ask to send you this. Just FYI =D

This always happens when I install a new theme, I fuck it all up! DDDDX I got a newer theme because the ask is jacked to hell on that other one. BUT IT’S DONE, IT SHOULD WORK.

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Q: your theme is very difficult to handle all of your posts are PILED on top of eachother and i really wanna know if you can tellme how to navigate myself here in this pink ocean (゚´Д`゚)゚

No worries, friend, I changed it. XD

It was due for an overhaul anyway. I’ll play with the colors later. Needs more pink. >3

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Q: Ummm excuse me your art style is illegally beautiful

Jk, thank you, anon. >3<

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Q: I love your art style!

Thank you, anon… I needed to hear this today.

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Okay seriously, fuck Linksys. Since getting this new router it’s been giving me NOTHING but trouble!

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